Hawaii Fire Drills laws & HR compliance analysis

Hawaii Fire Drills: What you need to know

Hawaii has no specific law or regulation requiring private employers to conduct fire drills, with the exception of schools and preschools.
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However, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) standards, adopted by Hawaii's own occupational safety and health act, do require companies with 10 or more employees to have written fire prevention and emergency exit plans for each workplace. Employers with fewer than 10 employees may communicate the plans orally. To ensure that the exit plan will work in an actual emergency, it is advisable to rehearse regularly with annual or semiannual drills.
State agencies hold evacuation drills in their buildings.
Counties in the state may have their own fire drill ordinances. For example, Honolulu (city and county) has ordinances that require "business buildings" to have fire drills every 180 days and to post exiting routes near stairways and elevators. Links to county agencies are available at http://www.scd.hawaii.gov.
The state of Hawaii is subject to natural dangers that could require evacuations, including tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes and lava flows, dam breaches, and cyclones. The state Department of Civil Defense conducts a statewide severe weather drill in November and additional drills periodically, including tests of sirens used for tsunami drills.
In Hawaii, county local emergency planning committees prepare evacuation plans, including provisions for precautionary evacuations and alternate traffic routes, and conduct drills.
The Department of Civil Defense has a comprehensive page, including evacuation routes from tsunamis and volcanoes, at http://www.scd.hawaii.gov.
Reviewed December 2014.

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