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First Aid: What you need to know

"First aid" is emergency care provided for injury or sudden illness before emergency medical treatment is available. The first-aid provider in the workplace is someone who is trained in the delivery of initial medical emergency procedures using a limited amount of equipment to perform a primary assessment and intervention while awaiting arrival of emergency medical service (EMS) personnel. For purposes of defining first aid to determine if an injury or illness is recordable under OSHA rules, OSHA defines a nonrecordable injury requiring first aid and not professional medical treatment as:
• Using nonprescription medications at nonprescription strength
• Administering tetanus immunizations
• Cleaning, flushing, or soaking wounds on the skin surface
• Using wound coverings, such as bandages, Band-Aids®, gauze pads, or using SteriStrips™ or butterfly bandages
• Using hot or cold therapy
• Using any totally nonrigid means of support, such as elastic bandages, wraps, or nonrigid back belts
• Using temporary immobilization devices while transporting an accident victim (splints, slings, neck collars, or back boards)
• Drilling a fingernail or toenail to relieve pressure or draining fluids from blisters
• Using eye patches
• Using simple irrigation or a cotton swab to remove foreign bodies not embedded in or adhered to the eye
• Using irrigation, tweezers, cotton swab, or other simple means to remove splinters or foreign material from areas other than the eye
• Using finger guards
• Using massages
• Drinking fluids to relieve heat stress
First aid includes cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) when professional services are not immediately available.
At most workplaces, injuries or illnesses requiring only first aid are ...

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