Nevada Right to Know/ Hazard Communication laws & HR compliance analysis

Nevada Right to Know/ Hazard Communication: What you need to know

Hazard communication standards, or worker “right-to-know” laws, regulate how information about workplace chemical hazards is communicated to employees. As with most workplace health and safety standards, worker right-to-know laws have developed in large part according to standards adopted under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act), a federal law. There is additional information and a detailed discussion of the federal regulations.
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Nevada is among the “state plan” states, which means it has its own workplace safety and health regulatory program and has received federal authorization to enforce health and safety standards (NV Rev. Stat. Sec. 618). The state act governs both the private and public workplaces. Nevada has adopted the federal worker right-to-know standard by reference and has added its own provision concerning employee notification of exposure to toxic chemicals. The state law is administered and enforced by the state Department of Business and Industry/Division of Industrial Relations.
Each employer must promptly notify any employee who has been or is being exposed to toxic materials or harmful physical agents in concentrations or at levels which exceed permissible exposure limits for the materials or agents. The employer must inform such employee of any action being taken to correct the condition.
Workplaces with a high risk of chemical exposure typically require considerable resources to maintain compliance with state and federal right-to-know laws. There is additional information and compliance assistance. .

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