Maine Violence in the Workplace laws & HR compliance analysis

Maine Violence in the Workplace: What you need to know

Employers may not prohibit employees who have valid permits to carry a concealed weapon from keeping firearms in their vehicles, as long as the vehicles are locked and the firearms are not visible. The statute does not authorize employees to carry firearms in places where carrying a firearm is prohibited by law (26 ME Rev. Stat. Sec. 600).
An employer is not liable for individuals who are injured or killed as a result of the employer’s compliance with the statute. However, the law does not absolve employers from liability arising from injuries involving firearms stored by employees without valid permits or where guns are stolen from unlocked vehicles or vehicles in which the guns were visible.
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All employers must grant reasonable and necessary leave from work, with or without pay, for an employee to prepare for and attend court proceedings; receive medical treatment or attend to medical treatment for a victim who is the employee's parent, child, or spouse; or obtain necessary services to remedy a crisis caused by domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.
The leave must be needed because the employee or the employee's covered relative is a victim of violence, assault, sexual assault, stalking, or any act that would support an order for protection. An employer cannot sanction an employee or deprive him or her of pay or benefits for exercising rights under this law. An employer may require an employee to provide reasonable documentation of the family relationship between the employee and the covered relative, which many include a statement from the employee, a birth certificate, a court document, or a similar document.
Exceptions. The absence of the employee would cause the ...

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