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Missouri Dress Codes: What you need to know

An employer may not deduct for any of the following uniform-related items if the deduction would reduce the employee's wage below the statutory minimum (MO Code of Regs. Tit. 8 Sec. 30-4.050):
• Uniforms (including, but not limited to, suits, dresses, aprons, and all other garments worn by the employees as a condition of employment. Apparel of a similar design, color, or material as the decorative pattern or logo of the business or distinguishing the employee as an employee of the business is considered to be worn as a condition of employment.)
• Laundry or cleaning of uniforms
• Maintenance of tools, equipment, or uniforms
• Any other item required by the employer to be worn or used by the employee as a condition of employment
• Cost of group plan for uniform rental
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Regulations issued by the state's Commission on Human Rights require employers to provide reasonable accommodations to the religious needs of their employees and job applicants when accommodations can be made without undue hardship on the employer's business (8 MO Code Regs. Sec. 60-3.050). Generally, an undue hardship is measured in terms of the employer's size and resources. A large employer, for example, may have an easier time finding a temporary replacement for an employee who is absent for religious reasons than would a small employer with fewer economic or human resources. As an example, the guidelines suggest that an undue hardship may exist when an employee requests an accommodation for a Sabbath observance, but the employee's work cannot be done by another employee with substantially similar qualifications.

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