New Hampshire Dress Codes laws & HR compliance analysis

New Hampshire Dress Codes: What you need to know

Under New Hampshire law, any garment with a logo or having a distinctive design must be provided at no cost to the employee. If the employee does not return the uniform after employment is terminated, an employer may not make a deduction from the final wages of the employee (NH Rev. Stat. Sec. 275:48).
An employer may not deduct any portion of an employee's wages unless the employee has authorized the deduction in writing for a lawful purpose for the employee's benefit (such as installment payments on legitimate loans made by the employer to the employee; union dues; health, welfare, pension, and apprenticeship fund contributions; voluntary contributions to charities; housing and utilities; voluntary rental fees for nonrequired clothing; voluntary cleaning of uniforms and nonrequired clothing; payments into savings funds held by someone other than the employer; voluntary contributions to a cafeteria plan or flexible benefit plan; voluntary payments for child care by a licensed childcare provider; voluntary parking fees; contributions to a political action committee; and, for hospital employees only, pharmaceutical, gift shop, and cafeteria items purchased on-site at the hospital).
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Employers must attempt to provide reasonable accommodation for the religious beliefs and practices of job applicants and employees, unless to do so would create undue business hardship, financial or otherwise. Such accommodation may mean exploring and implementing alternative workplace practices that are compatible with the employee's religious beliefs without impinging on the rights of other employees or the business needs of the employer. ...

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