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Oklahoma Dress Codes: What you need to know

Under Oklahoma law, employers may make deductions from an employee's pay if the employer and employee enter into a written and signed payroll deduction agreement to compensate the employer for merchandise or uniforms purchased by the employee (OK Admin. Code Sec. 380:30-1-7).
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Employers are required to make reasonable accommodations for the religious needs of their employees unless to do so would impose an undue business hardship (OK Admin. Code Sec. 335:15-5-4). An “undue hardship” is a cost to the employer that is more than de minimis, depending on the size and resources of the employer as compared with the identifiable cost of the accommodation. The state's Human Rights Commission will take into consideration the number of individuals who will, in fact, need a particular accommodation, but only for purposes of determining whether the cost to an employer is de minimis. A mere assumption that many more people, with the same religious practices as the person being accommodated, may also need accommodation is not evidence of undue hardship. In general, costs similar to the regular payment of premium wages to substitute workers would constitute undue hardship. However, the occasional payment of premium wages for a substitute or the payment of premium wages while a more permanent accommodation is being sought are costs that an employer can be required to bear as a means of providing a reasonable accommodation. The payment of administrative costs necessary for providing the accommodation (e.g., costs involved in rearranging schedules and recording substitutions for payroll purposes) are generally considered de minimis.
An undue hardship may also occur when an accommodation requires a ...

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