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Nevada Political Activity: What you need to know

Employees who are registered voters may take paid time off from work to vote if it is impracticable for them to vote outside of working hours. Employees must notify their employers that they will need time off to vote prior to election day. Employers are prohibited from taking adverse job action because of such absence (NV Rev. Stat. Sec. 293.463). Time off is designated by the employer and is allowed as follows:
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Distance between workplace and polling place Time allowed
Less than 2 miles 1 hour
Between 2 and 10 miles 2 hours
More than 10 miles 3 hours
Nevada's voting laws do not specifically state that a caucus proceeding is an "election" that triggers the time-off requirements of NV Rev. Stat. 293.463. However, a caucus would most likely constitute an "election" that would trigger the protections of state law. Employers should keep in mind that participation in the caucus will most likely take longer than casting a vote at a voting machine and will often take longer than 1 hour. Therefore, it may not be reasonable for an employer to strictly enforce the leave times provided in the statute. Employers should also ensure that all leave-related decisions with respect to the caucus are made consistently for all employees regardless of whether they are requesting leave for the earlier or later caucus, since caucus times indicate which party the employee belongs to.
Employers may not make any rule prohibiting an employee from engaging in politics or running for public ...

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