Alabama Smoking laws & HR compliance analysis

Alabama Smoking: What you need to know

The Alabama Clean Indoor Air Act prohibits smoking in public places and in public meetings. Included in the prohibition are elevators, restrooms, lobbies, hallways, common areas in multiple-unit commercial facilities, schools and school-sponsored events, childcare and daycare facilities, hospitals and medical offices, public areas in nursing homes and senior citizen residences, retail establishments (except in areas not open to the public), buses and public transit conveyances, and government buildings (except in private offices) (AL Code Sec. 22-15A-1 et seq.).
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The person in charge of the facility must inform anyone smoking in a nonsmoking area that they are in violation of the law.
Exceptions. The prohibition does not apply to bars and lounges, retail tobacco stores and tobacco businesses, limousines under private hire, hotel and motel rooms (except those designated as nonsmoking), or to patients in chemical dependency treatment or mental health programs.
Employers of five or more people must adopt, implement, communicate, and maintain a written policy on smoking (AL Code Sec. 22-15A-5) . The policy must be communicated within 3 weeks of adoption. A written copy of the policy must be made available to employees on request.
Employers must provide smoke-free areas in workplaces. They also have the right to designate the entire facility to be nonsmoking.
Also, any employee has the right to designate his or her work area as nonsmoking and to post appropriate signs provided by the employer.
Smoking is prohibited in common areas of the workplace unless a majority of workers in the area agree that it be designated as a smoking area.
Designated smoking areas. If areas are designated as ...

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