Illinois Smoking laws & HR compliance analysis

Illinois Smoking: What you need to know

The Smoke-Free Illinois Act prohibits smoking in all for-profit and nonprofit workplaces and public places open to the public, including hospitals and healthcare facilities, childcare facilities, restaurants and eating establishments, bars and taverns, bowling alleys, casinos, and private clubs; in educational facilities and college dormitories; in public conveyances and vehicles owned or leased by the state or local governments; and within 15 feet of any entrance, exit, window that opens, or ventilation intakes (IL Comp. Stat. Ch. 30 Sec. 805/8.31 ).
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Schools and school property. Every school board and boards of education in cities with more than 500,000 people must prohibit the use of tobacco on school property without exception.
Exemptions. Exempt from the Act are private residences and cars when not used for licensed child care or adult care; home offices not open to the public; retail tobacco stores and tobacco-related businesses; up to 25 percent of hotel and motel rooms that are permanently designated as smoking permitted; designated common rooms of Illinois veterans' homes accessible only to smokers; and Native American religious ceremonies, rituals, and activities. Smoking may be allowed in private rooms or in designated outdoor areas at nursing homes or long-term care facilities under certain conditions and by request in writing by the individual, although facilities may self-designate as entirely smoke-free.
Private residences. Smoking is also prohibited in private homes open to the public as home-based businesses, including child care, adult care, and other social services.
Signage. All entrances and areas in which smoking is prohibited must be clearly marked with "No Smoking" signs or signs ...

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