Oklahoma Smoking laws & HR compliance analysis

Oklahoma Smoking: What you need to know

The Oklahoma Smoking in Public Places and Indoor Workplaces Act prohibits smoking and lighted tobacco products in any form in indoor places open to the public, workplaces (even if workers are unpaid volunteers), on public transportation, and in outdoor areas of zoos. Smoking is not permitted in schools and on school grounds. Smoking is not permitted in daycare and childcare centers during hours of operation or in health facilities (except for designated rooms in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities) (OK Stat. Tit. 21 Sec. 1247).
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State property. Use of all tobacco products is prohibited in all state-owned or -leased buildings, land, and vehicles. Buildings and grounds owned or operated by the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education have also been designated as tobacco-free.
Smoking is not permitted in private sector work areas, including restrooms, cafeterias and lounges, meeting rooms, hallways, and elevators, even when work is not being performed.
Workplaces within private residences are exempt, except for daycare centers during hours of operation.
Posting. Employers must post highly visible “no smoking” or “smoking permitted” signs, at least 4 inches by 2 inches and preferably white lettering on a red background, at each entrance to an area or room. Employers designating workplaces as tobacco-free should post notices. Decals are available at local county healthy departments or by calling 866-665-9247.
Designated smoking areas (DSAs). Employers not specifically restricted by the law may designate rooms where smoking is permitted. However, private employers are not required to have DSAs (OK Stat. Tit. 63-1 Sec. 1521et seq.).
Any DSAs must be located where no work except ...

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