South Carolina Smoking laws & HR compliance analysis

South Carolina Smoking: What you need to know

The South Carolina Clean Indoor Air Act prohibits smoking in public places (except in designated areas and in enclosed private offices), including buildings owned or leased by the state or its political subdivisions, healthcare facilities, schools and facilities providing children's services, childcare facilities, libraries, public transportation vehicles (except taxis), and arenas and auditoriums and in elevators, lobbies, and foyers (SC Code Sec. 44-95-10et seq.).
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There is no provision for private workplaces, restaurants, and bars.
The owner or manager in charge of the premises must make reasonable efforts to prevent smoking areas from impinging upon smoke-free areas by using existing physical barriers and ventilation systems. However, a workplace may be declared entirely smoke-free.
Workplace no-smoking policy. The Tobacco Prevention and Control Division of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) has a sample workplace policy available at
Posting. In areas where smoking is permitted, the owner or manager must post signs designating both smoking and nonsmoking areas.
Schools. Smoking is restricted in public elementary and secondary schools and preschools to enclosed lounges not adjacent to classrooms or libraries. School boards may declare their campuses entirely smoke-free. Smoking is prohibited in school buses while in operation.
Penalties. Violators of the Act are guilty of a misdemeanor and are subject to a fine of not less than $10 or more than $25.
The South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled that local smoking ordinances are not preempted by the Clean Indoor Air Act and that cities and towns may ban smoking from all indoor ...

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