Indiana Apprenticeship Training laws & HR compliance analysis

Indiana Apprenticeship Training: What you need to know

An apprenticeship program combines classroom instruction or education with on-the-job training under the close supervision of a qualified journeyworker in the craft, trade, or profession. Indiana does not have its own state apprenticeship law; therefore, the federal Office of Apprenticeship (OA) governs apprenticeship in Indiana, providing employers with technical assistance and information; issuing standards; and monitoring, registering, and canceling apprenticeship programs.
Generally, employers, groups of employers, and unions design, organize, manage, and finance registered apprenticeship programs under a set of apprenticeship standards, which include on-the-job training, related classroom instruction, and the apprenticeship operating procedures. These standards are then registered with the OA. Comprehensive information on the federal apprenticeship law (including what must be contained in an apprenticeship agreement) is available.

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