Colorado Hiring laws & HR compliance analysis

Colorado Hiring: What you need to know

Discrimination. The Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act prohibits all public and private employers from discriminating in their hiring practices based on disability, race, creed, color, sex (including sexual harassment), sexual orientation (including transgender status), religion, age (40 or older), national origin, or ancestry (Colo. Rev. Stat. § 24-34-401 et seq.).
The Act also prohibits employers with 25 or more employees from refusing to hire a person who is married to, or plans to marry, an employee of the employer. There are exceptions if one spouse would supervise the other spouse, audit or receive money handled by the other spouse, or have access to the employer's confidential information, including payroll and personnel records. More information is available at the Colorado Discrimination section.
Disabilities. Regulations issued by the state Civil Rights Commission prohibit employers from inquiring about the existence, nature, or severity of an applicant's disability until after the employer has extended an offer of employment. An employer can condition an offer of employment on the results of a medical examination if the exam is required of all individuals who have been offered jobs in the same job category, and the exam results are kept on separate forms and treated like confidential medical records. An employer may make preemployment inquiries into an applicant's ability to perform job-related functions (Colo. Code Regs. tit. 3, § 708-1). More information is available at the Colorado Disabilities (ADA) section.
Veterans’ preference. Employers are allowed to create and use an employment policy that grants preference to certain veterans and must be applied uniformly to hiring decisions (Colo. ...

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