Ohio Hiring laws & HR compliance analysis

Ohio Hiring: What you need to know

Discrimination. The Ohio Fair Employment Practice Law prohibits employers from making hiring decisions based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), military status, national origin, disability, age, or ancestry (Ohio Rev. Code § 4112.01 et seq.). The law applies to all public employers and to private employers with four or more employees.
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Outside referrals. The law also prohibits employers from using an employment agency, training school, or any other type of employee referral source known to discriminate based on these factors.
Veterans’ preference. A private employer may adopt a policy to provide preference in hiring to a service member, a veteran, or the spouse or a surviving spouse of a service member or veteran (Ohio Rev. Code § 5903.15). In public employment, disabled veterans, veterans of the Vietnam era, other veterans, and other eligible persons must receive preference over nonveterans within each targeted group in the provision of employment and training services available through these programs (Ohio Rev. Code § 5903.11).
Criminal history in state employment. The Ohio Department of Administrative Services removed questions about conviction and arrest history from the initial application for state employment. The Department also requires that every hiring decision maker weigh factors that are similar to those found in the EEOC guidance. These factors are intended to ensure a careful analysis of the position and conviction and to prevent rejection solely based on the existence of a past conviction.
Municipal ban the box. Many municipalities have enacted ban-the-box requirements in Ohio. Employers are encouraged to learn the status of the ...

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