West Virginia Homeworkers/ Telecommuting laws & HR compliance analysis

West Virginia Homeworkers/ Telecommuting: What you need to know

West Virginia law regulates industrial homework, which is defined as any manufacture, in the home, of materials or articles for an employer (WV Code Sec. 21-7-1et seq.). A home includes any room, house, apartment, or other premises that is used in whole or in part as a place of dwelling.
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Employers must obtain a permit from the state commissioner of labor before delivering any material to a person for manufacture by industrial homework. The permit costs $50 and is valid for 1 year from its date of issuance unless it is revoked or suspended sooner.
Employers are prohibited from delivering materials to a home for industrial homework unless the employee has a valid homeworker's certificate from the commissioner. A homeworker's certificate is free and is valid for 1 year from its date of issuance unless it is revoked or suspended sooner.
Employer are also barred from delivering materials unless a label has been conspicuously affixed to each article or to the package or container in which the material is delivered. The label must have written on it the employer's name and address printed or written legibly in English.
The manufacture, or delivery for manufacture, of any of the following by industrial homework is unlawful, and no employer permit or homeworker's certificate may authorize the manufacture or delivery of:
• Tobacco
• Drugs and poisons
• Explosives, fireworks, and similar products
• Any other articles, the manufacture of which in a home violates any labor law or any state health law
The state commissioner of labor has the power to investigate all phases of industrial homework in West ...

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