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Job Posting: What you need to know

Job posting programs are an integral part of the employment process for many organizations. Effective posting methods can include bulletin boards to which job notices are posted as well as electronic and intranet posting systems. Regardless of the method, the purpose is to notify employees of available positions so that qualified employees may apply for open positions. Generally, job posting is not required by law, but it is a great way to demonstrate the employer's commitment to fair employment practices and a desire to see employees advance within the organization.
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Job postings can be a very powerful human resources tool for a number of reasons. These include:
• Demonstrating the employer's commitment to fair employment practices
• Demonstrating the employer's desire to see its employees advance and develop new skills
• Tapping into a pool of potential applicants that are “known commodities” and thereby avoiding some of the risks associated with hiring from outside the organization
• Bolstering employee morale
• Discovering previously unknown talent in the employee ranks
• Minimizing the chance that employees will be held back by superiors
• Reducing turnover
• Locating qualified applicants at low- to no-recruiting cost
Job posting programs can backfire if not designed and implemented with care. This occurs most frequently when the employer hires an outside applicant even though current employees have sought the position in response to a posting. This can lead to a perception by employees that the posting program is a sham. This problem cannot be entirely avoided, but it can be minimized by careful structuring of the posting program. It should be made clear to ...

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