Idaho Telecommuting laws & HR compliance analysis

Idaho Telecommuting: What you need to know

It is intended that private employers use the state's telecommuting policy as a guideline for their own telecommuting policies. The guidelines are available at the Idaho Division of Human Resources (DHR) website.
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The Idaho Division of Human Resources (DHR) has revised its policy on telecommuting to encourage agencies to utilize the telecommuting process and designate employees who can perform their work from alternate locations. The DHR will assist agencies with developing telecommuting programs and procedures, including as part of emergency planning. Full policies are available
Telecommuting agreement. State employees who telecommute must sign a telecommuting agreement and telecommuting policy to acknowledge that they will abide by the conditions of the agreement and policy. The signing of the agreement does not change their other conditions of employment.
Liability. In a telecommuting agreement in which the employee works from his or her home, the employee is liable for injuries to third parties and/or members of the employee's family on the premises.
Workers' compensation. The state workers' compensation program covers injuries and illnesses occurring within the scope of employment. Supervisors of telecommuters must indicate in writing, in the agreement, the safety and housekeeping measures that should eliminate the chance of on-the-job injuries in the telecommuters' homes.
Security of information. All state information must be protected in the telecommuter's home under approved state security procedures. Therefore, agencies are cautioned about allowing employees who work with sensitive information, including information covered under the Health Information Portability and ...

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