Whether you are a business owner, executive, or manager of HR, safety, environmental, or training—BLR offers solutions for all-sized organizations and industries.

BLR® Solutions

Workflow & Compliance

BLR offers industry-leading, award-winning solutions prepared by lawyers and industry experts.  And the best part – our resources are designed to be understood and used by non-lawyers in the real business world.

Our comprehensive solutions are delivered in numerous formats, including online applications, workflow tools, newsletters, alerts, and more.  These solutions are designed to keep your company out of legal trouble, avoid fines, and save money as you comply with state and federal rules and requirements.

A comprehensive digital platform, with a one-stop ,fully customizable, team-based dashboard providing access to best-in-class tools and resources to drive organizational performance.  In addition to powerful tools, hundreds  of resource materials, and instructor-led training support, HR Hero also features a proprietary HR Hotline that provides subscribers with  direct  phone, email, and chat access to BLR’s in-house team of  employment law experts  for instant guidance.

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Keep your pay practices competitive and establish a compensation structure for your organization by leveraging the tools and data available on Compensation.BLR.com.  With plain-English state compensation law analysis, you’ll never again guess about the ins and outs of overtime, FLSA and minimum wage laws in your state.

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Creating and updating an employee handbook can be overwhelming and costly, while exposing you to unnecessary risk.  Save time and money with the Employee Handbook Builder, and gain the peace of mind that your handbook is up to date with today’s ever-changing employment policies.

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Overtime regulations continue to be a hot topic for employers, and audits by lawyers and consultants can be costly.  Ensure your organization is in compliance with wage and hour regulations with access to an overall compliance and employee classification audit tool.

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From complying with OSHA regulations, to training employees, to writing policies, day-to-day safety compliance challenges can trip up even the most seasoned professional.  It’s crucial for you to have a handle on the most common and costly pitfalls so you can keep your employees safe and your organization in compliance.  Get the clear answers you need to your tough safety questions with Safety.BLR.com.

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Access to the tools you need to keep up with changing EPA regulations, prepare required prevention and response plans, and train employees with ease.  Look to the expert guidance from Enviro.BLR.com to ensure you’re keeping your organization in compliance, and avoiding costly fines.

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