Michigan Electrical Safety (Construction) laws & safety compliance analysis

Michigan Electrical Safety (Construction): What you need to know

Michigan has developed its own electrical installations standard for construction operations.

MAC r. 408.41701 to r. 408.41734
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The state's construction rule for electrical installations applies to the installation and use of temporary and permanent electrical systems for construction operations.

Michigan employers are required to make certain that all electrical wiring, apparatuses, and equipment are manufactured, installed, and maintained in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard No. 70-1975, National Electric Code, which Michigan has incorporated by reference (MAC r. 408.41719(1)).

The state did not include section 210-8 in subrule (1) of the NFPA code (No.70-1975). Michigan employers must instead comply with one of following:

  • Install ground-fault circuit interrupters (MAC r. 408.41721).
  • Establish and implement an assured equipment grounding conductor program (MAC r. 408.41722).

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