Minnesota Fall Protection (Construction) laws & safety compliance analysis

Minnesota Fall Protection (Construction): What you need to know


Minnesota is among the “state plan” states, which means it has received federal approval for its workplace safety and health regulatory program governing both private and public sector workplaces. Minnesota has adopted many of the federal standards by reference.

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The state has also adopted requirements for walking, working surfaces that are stricter than the federal fall protection rule.

The Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MNOSHA) administers the fall protection rules for private and public sector workplaces.

Minnesota Rules (MR) 5207.0250

Labeling floor- or wall-opening covers. When floor- or wall-opening covers are used, they must be labeled, “Floor Opening—Do Not Remove,” or “Wall Opening—Do Not Remove” as applicable with lettering at least 2 inches in height.

Displacement. Floor- or wall-opening covers must be secured against accidental displacement.

Tripping and impaling hazards. Where employees are exposed to tripping or impaling hazards caused by projecting conduit ends, reinforcing rods, pipe ends, or similar objects, these hazards must be barricaded, guarded, or otherwise covered.

Construction stairways. In addition to the requirements of 29 CFR 1926.501, semifinished permanent stairways or temporary stairways to a second floor are to be in place before supports or structure to the sixth floor are raised. Similarly, the supports or structure on multifloored buildings must never be more than five floors ahead of stairways.

  • On steel frame buildings, stairways must extend to the uppermost floor that has been planked or decked. Ladders for access purposes may be used only above that point.
  • A second means of egress remote from ...

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