New York Emergency Preparedness laws & safety compliance analysis

New York Emergency Preparedness: What you need to know

The state has modified its disaster preparedness planning and services to address not only health- and weather-related emergencies but also cyber, nuclear, chemical, biological, bacteriological, or terrorism events.

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The governor may declare a state of emergency when a disaster has occurred or is imminent, and local governments are unable to respond or need assistance in responding. During a state of emergency, the governor may suspend specific provisions of any statute, law, regulation, rule, or local ordinance in order to safeguard the health and welfare of the public.

New York State. The New York Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES)Office of Emergency Management offers a variety of subject-specific resources on disaster preparedness for weather-related and technological emergencies at

New York City.The New York City Office of Emergency Management has information on hazards specific to the city at hazards.shtml. The agency also has a Web page for businesses at businesses.shtml that addresses emergency and business continuity planning, evacuation planning, disaster recovery assistance, and other topics.


NY-ALERT, the New York State All-Hazards Alert and Notification Web-based system, allows citizens to receive emergency alert messages via robophone, e-mail, social network, and other electronic means. To register to use the system, go to

New York City also has an electronic notification system, Notify NYC, to communicate emergency advisories and updates. For more information or to sign up, go to notifynyc

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