Kentucky Fire Prevention laws & safety compliance analysis

Kentucky Fire Prevention: What you need to know

Kentucky has no specific law or regulation requiring private employers to conduct fire drills, except in educational facilities, where they are required twice in the initial month and once per month thereafter during the school year.

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Kentucky's own state health and safety code has adopted the safety standards of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act). The OSH Act requires that companies with 10 or more employees have written fire prevention and emergency exit plans for each workplace. Employers with fewer than 10 employees may communicate the plans orally. To ensure that the exit plan will work in an actual emergency, it is advisable to rehearse regularly with annual or semiannual drills.

There is a more detailed discussion of federal OSH Act emergency and fire plan requirements.

Local fire safety codes may contain additional requirements.

State buildings. Each state facility has an emergency planning committee for addressing evacuation or shelter-in-place procedures for weather, earthquake, medical, and other emergencies. The Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet has an Emergency Building Procedures Web center with specific building information at, or call 502-564-5455, ext. 407 for information.

The Kentucky Legislature has given the governor and other public officials, such as mayor and county executives and judges, the power to call for evacuations during disasters or emergency situations

Agencies of the state government hold a variety of annual and specific evacuation drills for earthquakes, severe storms, and other potential emergencies.

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