Nebraska Fire Prevention laws & safety compliance analysis

Nebraska Fire Prevention: What you need to know

Nebraska has no specific law or regulation requiring employers to conduct fire drills. However, Nebraska's own state health and safety code has adopted the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) standards, which govern Nebraska's occupational safety and health system, require that companies with 10 or more employees have written fire prevention and emergency exit plans for each workplace. Employers with fewer than 10 employees may communicate the plans orally. To ensure that the exit plan will work in an actual emergency, it is advisable to rehearse regularly with annual or semiannual drills. Also, check local fire safety codes, which may contain additional requirements.

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Public schools and child care facilities. The state requires mandatory fire drills in public schools and child care facilities.


The state of Nebraska has developed a draft emergency action program for workplaces, based on federal OSHA's plan, which addresses the safety of employees in emergency situations including tornadoes, severe storms, fires and wildfires, earthquakes, fuel or chemical releases, and other incidents. This action plan addresses evacuation procedures.

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Public employers. Part V of the Nebraska Department of Administrative Services Human Resource Policies and Procedures Manual requires each division to post emergency evacuation plans for each area or section and to designate an employee to be responsible for evacuation plans and related training activities and drills in that section.

Large quantity generators. The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality requires ...

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