California First Aid laws & safety compliance analysis

California First Aid: What you need to know

California has two separate sets of first-aid standards, a detailed scheme for construction employers (8 CCR 1512) and similar but less prescriptive standards for general industry (8 CCR 3400).

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California’s general industry standards for first aid and medical services are stricter than the federal requirements with regard to first-aid supplies, stretchers and blankets, and provisions for prompt medical treatment. See the General Industry Requirements section for more information.

California’s first aid standards for construction are much more detailed than their federal counterparts with regard to training, first aid kit contents, employee information, provisions for obtaining emergency medical services, emergency call systems, and written plan requirements. See the Construction Industry Requirements section for more information.

Bloodborne Pathogens. California also sets strict guidelines regarding infection control to prevent infection and/or disease as a result of the transmission of bloodborne pathogens (8 CCR 5193). The state’s general industry bloodborne pathogens regulation does not apply to the construction industry. See the state Bloodborne Pathogens regulatory analysis for more information.

General Industry Requirements
CA Code Regs. Title 8, Section 3400

California’s general industry standards for first aid cover the following areas:

Emergency medical services. All employers must ensure the ready availability of medical personnel for advice and consultation.

Personnel training. If there is no infirmary, clinic, or hospital in close proximity to the workplace that is used for the treatment of injured employees, on-site personnel must be trained to render first aid. Training must be ...

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