Utah First Aid laws & safety compliance analysis

Utah First Aid: What you need to know

Utah has its own Occupational Safety and Health regulatory program that covers private and public sector workplaces (UT Code Sec. 34A-6-101et seq). The plan's first-aid requirements are identical to those of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (Utah Admin. Code Sec. R614-1-4). Please see the national First Aid section.

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A person who gratuitously renders emergency care in good faith at the scene of an emergency is not liable for any civil damages as a result of an act or omission unless the person was grossly negligent or caused the emergency (UT Code Sec. 78-11-22).

A health care professional (including doctor, nurse, dentist, chiropractor, or physician's assistant) who gives emergency care voluntarily and without compensation at the scene of an emergency is not liable as a result of any acts or omissions in rendering the care (UT Code Sec. 58-13-2).

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