Indiana Violence in the Workplace laws & safety compliance analysis

Indiana Violence in the Workplace: What you need to know

State Requirements
Guns in the Workplace

Indiana employers may not require employees or applicants to disclose whether they own, possess, use, or transport firearms or ammunition unless the information concerns possession, use, or transportation of firearms or ammunition used in the fulfillment of job duties by that individual. Employers are also prohibited from making, as a condition of employment or employment opportunities or benefits, or having an employment policy that states that employees or applicants must agree to forgo their rights under the law regarding the ownership, possession, storage, transportation, or use of firearms or ammunition. The law also allows employees and individuals who believe an employer has violated this law to file civil lawsuits and receive damages (IN Code Sec. 34-28-7-2 et seq.).

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The Indiana firearms law also provides that no individual employer, corporation, partnership, or governmental entity may adopt or enforce a policy or rule that prohibits licensed owners of firearms from keeping guns or ammunition in locked vehicles in trunks, glove compartments, or otherwise out of sight on an employer's property. Indiana employers may not ask employees if they have firearms or ammunition in their vehicles or require employees to park in designated parking areas or park off-site if they do have firearms or ammunition in their vehicles.

Exceptions. Guns may not be kept in locked vehicles on the property of schools or property used for school functions or in school buses. Guns may not be kept in locked vehicles at certain childcare and domestic violence shelter facilities, certain group homes, penal institutions, facilities governed by federal law, or facilities under jurisdiction of the ...

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