Montana Violence in the Workplace laws & safety compliance analysis

Montana Violence in the Workplace: What you need to know

State Requirements
Guns in the Workplace

Montana has no laws that force employers or businesses to allow guns in the workplace or on privately held property.

Concealed Weapons
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Montana law (MT Code Sec. 45-8-316 through Sec. 45-8 328) prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons inside city or town limits. Even with a concealed weapons permit, individuals are not allowed to carry concealed weapons into buildings owned or leased by the federal, state, or local government; financial institutions; or any place alcoholic beverages are sold, dispensed, or consumed. Local laws may prohibit carrying concealed weapons at public meetings. No weapons, concealed or not, are allowed in school buildings. "Concealed" weapons are defined as those that are wholly or partially covered by the clothing of the person carrying or bearing the weapons. Concealed weapons include handguns, pistols, and revolvers; daggers, razors, and knives with blades over 4 inches in length; and billy clubs, metal knuckles, and slingshots.

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