Nevada Violence in the Workplace laws & safety compliance analysis

Nevada Violence in the Workplace: What you need to know

Guns in the Workplace
Concealed Firearms

Although not directly addressing an employer's right to ban firearms or weapons from the workplace, Nevada's concealed firearms statute limits that right with regard to public buildings. The statute allows the holder of a concealed firearms permit to carry a weapon while on the premises of any public building. A "public building" is defined as any building or office space occupied by the federal government, the state of Nevada, and any subdivision.

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A permitholder is not allowed to take a firearm into public airports, buildings that are part of public schools, including the state's university and college system, and buildings that have metal detectors at each entrance or signs posted at each public entrance indicating that no firearms are allowed. Permitholders who are judges, prosecuting attorneys of the United States or Nevada, employees employed in the public building into which the firearm is to be carried, or permitholders who have permission from the person in control of the building may carry concealed firearms on the premises where they would otherwise be prohibited (NV Rev. State. Sec. 202.3653 through 202.369).

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