Ohio Violence in the Workplace laws & safety compliance analysis

Ohio Violence in the Workplace: What you need to know

Guns in the Workplace

It is legal in Ohio to carry concealed weapons. Before March 2017, employers could prohibit employees from having a firearm on company property. Effective March 21, 2017, however, a new law prohibits public and private employers from establishing, maintaining, or enforcing any policy or rule that prohibits a person with a valid concealed handgun license from storing the firearm or ammunition in the person’s privately owned motor vehicle even when the vehicle is parked on the employer’s property. An employer may require that when the employee is not with the vehicle, any firearm and ammunition be locked in the trunk, glove box, or another enclosed compartment or container within the privately owned motor vehicle. In addition, the law only protects employees who park their vehicle in a location where it is otherwise permitted to be. Concealed weapons are banned from government buildings (including police stations, jails, and courtrooms), airports and airplanes, places of worship, or any place where the carrying of a concealed weapon is prohibited by federal law (OH Rev. Code Sec. 2923.1210; OH Rev. Code Sec. 2923.236).

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No public or private employer will be held liable in any civil action for damages, injuries, or death resulting from or arising out of another person’s actions involving a firearm or ammunition stored in a vehicle on the employer’s property pursuant to OH Rev. Code Sec. 2923.120, unless the employer intentionally solicited or caused the injury. This includes the theft a firearm from a privately owned vehicle.

Posting Requirements

Private employers are not required to prohibit licensees from carrying firearms onto the employer's property. However, employers and business owners that ...

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