Minnesota Cranes and Slings laws & safety compliance analysis

Minnesota Cranes and Slings: What you need to know

Minnesota has adopted the federal workplace safety and health rules for material handling in general industry by reference (MR 5205.0010), and its own rules for powered industrial trucks (forklift), cranes, derricks, and hoists that are stricter than federal standards. The state crane, derrick, and hoist rules affect inspection and repair frequency, safety devices on hooks, and alarm use when hoisting molten metal. The state has adopted the federal construction standard for hoisting personnel platforms to apply to general industry workplaces in Minnesota.

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See the state Material Handling topic for general information about handling heavy materials.

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (MDLI) administers and enforces workplace safety rules in the state.

MR 5205.1200 to 5205.1220

State rules apply to any crane, derrick, or hoist with a maximum rated load capacity of 1 ton or less, railway and auto wrecking cranes, skip hoists, hoist-like units for horizontal pulling, mine hoists, conveyors and shovels, dragline excavators, backhoes, and other equipment such as mobile scaffolds, towers, and platforms.

Safety latch. All hoists or cranes that lift or travel with loads attached must have safety latches (mousings). The federal general industry rule requires safety latches on locomotive and truck cranes whenever possible (see 29 CFR 1910.180).

Alarm. Alarms (e.g., gong or other warning device) must be used when a crane or hoist is used to convey molten metal.

MR 5205.1230

The design, construction, testing, use, and maintenance of personnel platforms and the hoisting of personnel platforms on the load lines of cranes or derricks must ...

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