Oregon Cranes and Slings laws & safety compliance analysis

Oregon Cranes and Slings: What you need to know

Oregon has adopted the federal safety rules for cranes, derricks, and slings in general industry workplaces (OAR 437-002-0220), and has adopted additional provisions that are stricter than federal requirements. The additional provisions cover general crane operations, emergency escape from overhead and gantry cranes, angle indicator and limiting device for crawler, locomotive, and truck cranes, wind velocity device for hammerhead cranes, angle indicator for derricks, alloy steel chains for slings, and operator training.

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The state has also adopted standards for operating cranes and other equipment near high-voltage power lines that are stricter than federal rules.

The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services/Occupational Safety and Health Division (OR-OSHA) administers and enforces safety and health requirements in private and public sector workplaces.

OAR 437-002-0228

Written procedures. All employers that use crane and hoisting devices in their operations must publish and distribute written procedures for safe operation of cranes and derricks.

Clearance. The minimum horizontal clearance between the rotating superstructure and any adjacent structure is 3 feet (ft).

Lighting. Cranes operated at night must have the load hook and work area lighted.

Warning sign near overhead power lines. Wherever there are overhead wires in a crane operation area, a warning sign legible from at least 12 ft must be posted in plain view of operators of each crane, derrick, or power shovel. The sign must read as follows: "UNLAWFUL TO OPERATE THIS PIECE OF EQUIPMENT WITHIN TEN FEET OF HIGH-VOLTAGE LINES".

Signaling. Class D citizen band radios must not be used for signaling ...

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