Washington Cranes and Slings laws & safety compliance analysis

Washington Cranes and Slings: What you need to know

Washington has adopted safety rules for cranes, derricks, hoists, rigging (including slings), and suspended support platforms for general industry workplaces that are stricter than federal rules (WAC 296-24-235 to 296-24-29431). The state has also adopted its own general industry rules for chain and electric hoists (WAC 296-24-237) and air hoists (WAC 296-24-238). State requirements for training employees follow federal rules.

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The Washington Department of Labor and Industries (DLI) administers and enforces workplace safety and health rules.

WAC 296-24-293

All timbers for 'A' frames (frame) must be of correct size, length, and condition to sustain the maximum contemplated loads. Frame timbers must be braced with two spreaders spaced one-quarter the length of the frame from each end. Cross-bracing must cross between the two spreaders. Bracing material must not be less than two-thirds of the rated strength of the frame timbers. Tie rods (staybolts) of not less than one-twelfth the diameter of the main frame timbers must be used. Tie rods must be placed directly above the upper spreader and directly below the lower spreader. Ends of bolts must be secured at each end with malleable washers and nuts. The base of the frame must be securely anchored. Elevating-type frames must be set in pinion-type sockets. Pinion bases must be securely anchored. Guy lines must be of sufficient strength to carry the load imposed upon them and must be securely fastened in place.

WAC 296-24-24015

If there is a slack rope condition, it should be determined that the rope is properly seated on the drum and in the sheaves.

WAC 296-24-24501 to 296-24-24519

Controls (WAC 296-24503).

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