Oregon Forklifts laws & safety compliance analysis

Oregon Forklifts: What you need to know

Oregon has adopted its own forklift rules for general industry that are stricter than federal requirements. Because of the extremely detailed requirements of the Oregon rules, employers are strongly encouraged to review the full regulatory text in addition to this analysis.

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The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services/Occupational Safety and Health Division (OR-OSHA) administers and enforces safety and health requirements in private and public sector workplaces.

OAR 437-002-0227

All forklifts on which the rider/operator is exposed to hoisted or stacked objects that could fall must be equipped with an overhead guard. The guard must be strong enough to support impact load tests specified in detail at Table 1 of the rule.

Guards made from a design that has been load-tested must be appropriately tagged.

Guards of a design that have not been load-tested must meet detailed construction and strength requirements.

Forklifts that handle small objects or unbanded units must be equipped with a vertical load backrest with height, width, and strength sufficient to prevent the load or any part of it from falling toward the operator. It must be constructed in a manner that does not interfere with good visibility through openings 6 inches or less in one dimension.

Shear points on forklift loaders and similar vehicles must be guarded as necessary to protect operators from hazardous exposure.

Whenever a lift truck is used for lifting personnel without controls at the platform, the following precautions must be taken for the protection of personnel being elevated:

  • A work platform equipped with standard guardrails or equivalent means, and firmly secured to the lifting carriage ...

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