Alaska Lockout/Tagout laws & safety compliance analysis

Alaska Lockout/Tagout: What you need to know

Alaska has adopted the federal safety and health requirements for lockout/tagout in general industry workplaces by reference (8 AAC 61.1010), and has adopted a requirement that are stricter than federal rules that prohibits the use of double block and bleed systems under certain environmental conditions.

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The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development/Occupational Safety and Health Section (AKOSH) administers and enforces workplace safety and health rules for private and public sector workplaces in the state.

8 AAC 61.1050(b)

Double block and bleed systems are used to isolate sections of piping before work is performed. When temperatures drop below freezing, product in the piping may freeze, preventing the contents from draining properly. Since subfreezing temperatures are common in Alaska, the use of this lockout/tagout technique as a means of isolation is prohibited when the ambient air temperature at the point of isolation or the temperature of the product in the line at the point of isolation is at or below 32oF (0oC).

Alaska does not impose any additional lockout/tagout training requirements beyond the federal requirements.

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