California Lockout/Tagout laws & safety compliance analysis

California Lockout/Tagout: What you need to know

California’s lockout/tagout rules for control of hazardous energy in general industry workplaces follow federal rules, except the state has developed its own requirements for certain equipment maintenance and repair activities, and accident prevention tags (8 CCR 3314 and 8 CCR 2320.4 to 2320.6). The state rules are not as detailed as the federal rules. The state standards must be at least as strict as the federal standards; otherwise, the federal standards apply.

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The CA Department of Industrial Relations/Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) administers and enforces workplace safety and health rules for private and public sector workplaces in the state.

Equipment Maintenance and Repair
8 CCR 3314

The state incorporates American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z89.1-1997 for helmets placed in service after October 30, 2004. The helmet rule incorporates additional ANSI helmet specifications when there is a risk of head injury from contact with electrical conductors.

If the machinery or equipment must be capable of movement in order to perform a specific task, the employer must provide and require the use of extension tools (e.g., extended swabs, brushes, scrapers) or other methods or means to protect employees from injury due to such movement. Employees must be trained in the safe use and maintenance of such tools, methods, or means.

Repetitive process machines. On repetitive process machines (such as numerical control machines) that require power or current continuance to maintain indexing and where repair, adjustment, testing, or setting up operations cannot be accomplished with the prime mover or energy source disconnected, such operations may be performed ...

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