Kentucky Lockout/Tagout laws & safety compliance analysis

Kentucky Lockout/Tagout: What you need to know

Kentucky has adopted the federal lockout/tagout requirements for general industry workplaces by reference and has adopted provisions for the use of tags that are stricter than federal rules.

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Kentucky has its own federally approved occupational safety and health regulatory program. The Kentucky Labor Cabinet, Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Program (KyOSH) governs both public and private sector workplaces, except for the Tennessee Valley Authority and federal facilities.

803 KAR 2:309

If an energy-isolating device is capable of being locked out, the employer's energy control program must utilize lockout. Kentucky removes the federal provision for the use of a tagout system with personal protective equipment in lieu of lockout.

If tagout devices are used with energy-isolating devices designed so that they are incapable of being locked, the tag attachment must be fastened at the same point at which the lock would have been attached.

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