California Machine Guarding laws & safety compliance analysis

California Machine Guarding: What you need to know

California has adopted its own safety rules for machine guarding, with some additional standards not covered by federal rules. In a few cases, state rules are stricter than corresponding federal rules. The requirements are very detailed, and employers operating machinery subject to guard requirements should review the text of the applicable regulations to ensure full compliance. The state standards must be at least as strict as the federal standards; otherwise, the federal standards apply. Cal/OSHA administers and enforces workplace safety and health requirements in California.

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California rules, like the federal rules, are broken down as standards applying to specific machinery components and to specific workplaces. California does not impose significant additional machine guarding requirements for construction workplaces; therefore, federal rules apply at construction sites.

Following is a list of machine guarding rules for general industry activities and special industries:

  • Abrasive wheel protection devices (8 CCR 3577 to 3583)
  • Power transmission equipment, prime movers, machines, and machine parts (8 CCR 3940 to 4086)
  • Power-operated presses (8 CCR 4189 to 4216)
  • Metal working machines (8 CCR 4225 to 4243)
  • Die casting machines (CCR 4260 to 4266)
  • Woodworking machines and equipment (8 CCR 4296 to 4325)
  • Chemical industry machines (extractors, rolls, and soap presses) (8 CCR 4565 to 4570)

Additional machine guarding rules have been adopted for specific types of industrial equipment including vats, containers, engines and compressors, refuse and trash collection equipment, compaction equipment, laundry and dry-cleaning equipment, food and tobacco machinery, pulp mill equipment, paper ...

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