Kentucky Machine Guarding laws & safety compliance analysis

Kentucky Machine Guarding: What you need to know

Kentucky has adopted by reference the federal safety and health rules for machine guarding in general industry workplaces and has added a requirement for the control mechanism on a mechanical power press that is stricter than federal rules.

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Kentucky has its own federally approved occupational safety and health regulatory program. The Kentucky Labor Cabinet, Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Program (KyOSH) governs both public and private sector workplaces, except for the Tennessee Valley Authority and federal facilities.

803 KAR 2:314

The clutch/brake control mechanism on a mechanical power press must incorporate an automatic means to prevent initiation or continued activation of the single stroke or continuous functions, unless the press drive motor is energized and in the forward direction. Employers may use a reversing means of the drive motor with the clutch/brake control in the "inch" position.

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