Minnesota Machine Guarding laws & safety compliance analysis

Minnesota Machine Guarding: What you need to know

Minnesota has adopted by reference the federal safety rules for machine guarding in general industry workplaces (Minnesota Rule (MR) 5205.0010) and has adopted additional rules for foot-actuated machines, hydraulic presses, machines with revolving parts, pneumatic portable power tools, and point-of-operation controls that are stricter than federal rules.

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The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (MDLI) administers and enforces safety and health rules for private and public (state and local government) workplaces in the state.

MR 5205.0870

The treadle or pedal of foot-actuated machines, tools, or equipment must be physically protected to prevent unintended operation.

MR 5205.0890

A barrier guard must be maintained on all hydraulic presses, whether hand or power operated, where there is a possibility of materials being ejected from the press.

MR 5205.0860

Each extractor, mixer, muller, and centrifuge machine must be fully guarded with a cover, hatch, or grate with an interlocking device that will prevent the cover, hatch, or grate from being opened while the rotating parts are in motion and will also prevent the power operation of the machine while the cover, hatch, or grating is not fully closed and secured.

MR 5205.0865

On machines with points of operation, pinch points, or nip points, each machine must be equipped so it is possible for the operator to cut off the power to each machine without leaving the position at the point of operation.

Motor Start Button
MR 5205.0880

The motor start button on machines with exposed points of operation, pinch points, or nip points must be ...

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