Washington Machine Guarding laws & safety compliance analysis

Washington Machine Guarding: What you need to know

Washington has adopted many of the federal safety rules for machine guarding and safeguarding in general industry workplaces, and has adopted stricter rules for general applications of machine guards and mechanical power press guards.

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The Washington Department of Labor and Industries (DLI) administers and enforces workplace safety and health rules.

Following is a list of guarding rules for specific types of machines:

  • Abrasive wheels (WAC 296-806-405)
  • Calenders in the plastic and rubber molding industry (WAC 296-806-410)
  • Conveyors (WAC 296-806-420)
  • Food processing equipment (WAC 296-806-425)
  • Forging machines (WAC 296-806-430)
  • Mechanical power presses (WAC 296-806-455)
  • Portable power tools (WAC 296-807-100 to 296-807-190)
  • Sawing and cutting heads (WAC 296-806-480)
  • Woodworking machinery (WAC 296-30008 and WAC 296-450)

See the Hand and Portable Power Tools topic for more information about guarding of portable power tools. See the Lockout/Tagout topic for more information about the control of hazardous energy. See the Eye and Face Protection, Head Protection, and Hand Protection topics for information about personal protective equipment (PPE).

Washington looks at a machine guard as just one method of safeguarding. Light curtains, restraint devices, and distance are other methods of safeguarding.

WAC 296-806-200 to WAC 296-806-20058

Washington has developed general guarding and safeguarding rules that apply to all machines. Many are similar to the federal rules for woodworking and other specific types of machines, but the state rules apply to all machines.

Machine anchoring alternative (WAC 296-806-20002). Machines using rubber feet or other nonskid ...

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