California Process Safety Management laws & safety compliance analysis

California Process Safety Management: What you need to know

California has adopted process safety management (PSM) rules in general industry workplaces that mirror federal rules, and added its own provisions that are stricter than federal rules (8 CCR 5189).

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Cal/OSHA administers and enforces workplace safety and health requirements in California.

Process safety management regulations are intended to eliminate, to a substantial degree, the risks to which employees are exposed in petroleum refineries, chemical plants, and other facilities. A process is any activity or combination of activities including any use, storage, manufacturing, handling, or the on-site movement of highly hazardous chemicals. The rule applies to a process that contains a threshold or greater quantity amount of a toxic or reactive chemical.

California's PSM rules contain provisions that are stricter than federal rules (8 CCR 5189).

PSM information. PSM information related to the equipment in the process must include electrical supply and distribution systems.

Hazard analysis. In addition to federal requirements, the hazard analysis must address the identification of any previous incident that had a likely potential for catastrophic consequences in the workplace. The final report containing the results of the hazard analysis for each process must be available in the respective work area for review by any person working in that area. The employer must consult with the affected employees and, where appropriate, their recognized representatives on the development and conduct of hazard assessments.

Pre-startup safety review. In addition to federal pre-startup requirements, the pre-startup safety review must involve employees with expertise in process operations and ...

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