Nevada Process Safety Management laws & safety compliance analysis

Nevada Process Safety Management: What you need to know

Nevada has adopted the federal rules for process safety management (PSM) of highly hazardous chemicals by reference (NAC 618.5115). In addition, the state has adopted its own rules for the manufacture of explosives (NAC 618.5115 to 618.5120) and for the manufacture, handling, and storage of ammonium perchlorate (NAC 618.5155 to 618.5335).

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The Nevada Department of Business and Industry/Division of Industrial Relations administers workplace safety and health rules in the state.

NAC 618.5117 to 618.5120

Explosives manufacturers must establish and carry out safety procedures and a written safety program. The safety procedures and written program must include:

  • Work rules to prevent exposure of employees to hazards and accidental explosions in the workplace
  • A personal protective equipment (PPE) program
  • A medical surveillance program if the employer manufactures any explosive containing trinitrotoluene
  • Provisions for a change room and shower facility if the employer manufactures Division 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3 explosives
  • Provisions for site security
  • Procedures to occur during the approach and duration of an electrical storm
  • An emergency action plan that must be tested once per year
  • Procedures for safe movement of explosives within the manufacturing plant
  • Procedures for testing explosives for quality control purposes
  • The occupancy limits and the maximum allowable amount of explosive for each manufacturing building (which must be posted on each building)
  • The maximum amount of explosive permitted for each magazine (which must be posted on the magazine)
  • Procedures to ensure that foreign matter that could cause an accidental explosion does not enter the ...

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