California Asbestos laws & safety compliance analysis

California Asbestos : What you need to know

Comparison: State vs. Federal

· Rules. The state follows the federal requirements for asbestos removal and asbestos air monitoring; however, it has an additional notification rule. California requires building owners and tenants to inform occupants if there is asbestos in the building's construction materials. The mere presence of asbestos in a building in any amount is enough to trigger this notice requirement. The asbestos does not have to be in a dangerous condition.

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Applicable sources in California must comply with the national emissions standard for hazardous air pollutant for asbestos, as well as the state ATCM for surfacing, and construction and mining. California has enacted provisions that apply to owners and operators of solid waste facilities who dispose of ACW. The state has also established standards for allowable levels of asbestos in drinking water.

California follows federal OSHA standards for asbestos exposure standards in the workplace, including general industry (brake and clutch repair, custodial work, and the manufacture of asbestos-containing products under 8 CCR 5208) and workplace safety and health requirements for asbestos abatement activities (alteration, repair, renovation, and demolition under 8 CCR 1529). The state's requirements for asbestos abatement registration and certification follow federal certification guidelines.

The state has also adopted safety and health training requirements that are stricter than the federal requirements for asbestos abatement consultants, site surveillance technicians, and asbestos school maintenance and custodial staff.

· Administration and enforcement. The DTSC of Cal/EPA's ARB has the authority to enforce all asbestos notification and regulations and ATCM in ...

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