Oregon Asbestos laws & safety compliance analysis

Oregon Asbestos : What you need to know

· Rules. Oregon's asbestos rules generally follow asbestos NESHAP requirements. In addition, the state has established requirements for asbestos abatement activities, licensing and certification, asbestos waste management, and asbestos waste disposal. Oregon has adopted the federal training requirements for asbestos abatement certification, but has promulgated requirements that are stricter than federal standards for asbestos abatement project refresher training. OR-OSHA has adopted the federal standards for worker protection.

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· Administration and enforcement. DEQ administers and enforces the asbestos requirements, including the asbestos NESHAP and the licensing and certification provisions. LRAPA administers and enforces the asbestos requirements within its jurisdiction. OR-OSHA administers and enforces worker protection standards only.

Licensing and Certification Requirements
OAR 340-248-0100 to 340-248-0130 and OAR 340-248-0180

Contractors. All contractors engaging in asbestos abatement projects must be properly licensed by DEQ. Applications for licenses must be submitted on DEQ forms and include the following:

  • Documentation that the contractor is a certified supervisor
  • Certification that the contractor has read and understands the applicable state and federal asbestos abatement regulations and agrees to comply
  • A list of all certificates or licenses, issued to the contractor by any other jurisdiction, that have been suspended or revoked during the past year
  • A list of any asbestos-related enforcement actions taken against the contractor during the past year
  • A list of additional project supervisors for asbestos abatement projects and their certification numbers
  • A ...

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