Utah Asbestos laws & safety compliance analysis

Utah Asbestos : What you need to know

  • Rules. Utah has incorporated by reference the asbestos NESHAP, OSHA, and AHERA requirements. In addition to the NESHAP requirements, Utah has additional asbestos project provisions concerning certifications, inspections, notifications, work practices, recordkeeping, and waste disposal. For more information on the asbestos NESHAP and the federal occupational safety and health requirements, see the national section ASBESTOS.
  • Administration and enforcement. Utah's DAQ administers and enforces the NESHAP, including the additional certification, inspection, notification, work practices, and recordkeeping requirements. DAQ and the Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste administer and enforce the asbestos disposal requirements. UOSH oversees the OSHA requirements related to asbestos. DEQ also retains enforcement responsibility for asbestos abatement in schools under AHERA.
  • DEQ may assign designated responsibilities for the administration of NESHAP and state regulations to a public agency that is referred to as a "delegated local agency." Local health departments in the project areas may have different or more stringent rules than the federal NESHAP or state rules.

    R307-801-1 and R307-801-2
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    In general, the Utah regulations require that certain persons involved in asbestos projects obtain certification. The regulations also establish work practice, notification, recordkeeping, and special requirements for the transport and disposal of asbestos waste. The following persons are required to comply with the state asbestos requirements, including certification:

    • Those who contract for hire to conduct renovation or demolition of structures or facilities, except ...

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