Pennsylvania Flammable Liquids laws & safety compliance analysis

Pennsylvania Flammable Liquids: What you need to know

Private sector workplaces in Pennsylvania must comply with federal occupational safety and health standards for flammable and combustible liquids. There are additional state fire code rules for the storage, use, and handling of flammable and combustible liquids that mirror federal rules, and may include some requirements related to public safety that are stricter than federal rules (37 PA Code 11.1 to 14.8). See the state fire code rules for more information.

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Public sector employers (state and local government agencies and school systems) are governed by state occupational safety and health requirements for flammable and combustible liquids that are significantly less comprehensive than federal requirements (34 PA Code 39.30). The state’s flammable liquid rule for public sector workplaces has not been updated since 1968.

Federal and state workplace safety and health rules contain basic requirements for portable fire extinguishers, fire prevention, exit routes, housekeeping, flammable and combustible liquids use and storage, stairs, and electrical hazards for the protection of employees in the workplace. State fire codes often have more detailed and extensive requirements for the protection of the public. In some cases, fire and electrical building codes overlap with safety and health rules. Check state and local fire, building, and electrical codes for additional requirements.

The U.S. Department of Labor/Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) administers and enforces federal workplace safety and health requirements in private sector workplaces in the state. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry /Bureau of Occupational and Industrial Safety administers the flammable ...

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