Utah Flammable Liquids laws & safety compliance analysis

Utah Flammable Liquids: What you need to know

The state has adopted the federal safety and health rules for flammable and combustible liquids in general industry workplaces by reference (R614-1-4) and has adopted additional requirements for fire and explosion prevention that are stricter than federal rules.

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The Utah Labor Commission/Division of Occupational Safety and Health (UOSH) administers and enforces safety and health rules for private and public sector workplaces in the state.


No one is allowed to take matches, lighters, or other fire-, flame-, heat-, or spark-producing devices into any restricted area that contains ammunition, explosive material, or readily ignitable flammable materials except by written authorization. When such authority has been received, a carrying device, too large to fit into the pockets, must be used for matches, lighters, and similar materials. The carrying of and the use of “strike anywhere” matches are prohibited.

An employee whose clothing is contaminated with explosive or flammable material to the degree that it may endanger the safety of the employee must not smoke or go near fire, open flame, or spark-producing devices.

Rubbish, brush, dried grass, leaves, dead trees, all live trees less than 10 feet (ft) high, and other combustible materials must be kept 25 ft from any explosive material manufacturing or mixing building.

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