Rhode Island Hazard Communication laws & safety compliance analysis

Rhode Island Hazard Communication : What you need to know

· Rules. Rhode Island does not have a federally approved occupational safety and health regulatory program. Because federal OSHA preempts the state program, the federal requirements apply to private sector employers. The state does, however, have its own worker right-to-know law for public sector workplaces. The state law closely follows federal worker right-to-know requirements, with additional requirements for chemical lists, employee rights to information, and employee training. There are additional state requirements for material safety data sheets (MSDSs) that are stricter than federal rules. See the state section MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET for more information.

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· Administration and enforcement. OSHA administers federal workplace safety and health rules, including worker right-to-know, in private sector workplaces. DLT administers right-to-know laws in private and public schools (including day care centers) and other public sector workplaces, including certain construction contractors.


RI Gen. Laws 28-21-3

Facilities that use, transport, store, or expose employees to toxic or hazardous substances in any way are required to obtain, maintain, and make available a list of all hazardous substances that employees could be exposed to at the workplace. Rhode Island's CIL requirement is similar to the federal requirement for a chemical list. The CIL must be made readily available to employees for examination during all hours of operation. In addition, a poster must be placed at conspicuous locations at each workplace and be made readily available to employees for examination during all hours of operation. The poster has to inform employees ...

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