Montana Ergonomics laws & safety compliance analysis

Montana Ergonomics : What you need to know

Montana does not have its own ergonomics requirements for reducing musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace. Any regulatory agency response to injury or illness in a private sector (private businesses and nonprofit organizations) workplace related to a musculoskeletal disorder may fall under the obligations of the federal General Duty Clause.

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Public sector (local and state government offices and operations) employers in Montana are subject to state workplace safety and health requirements. State safety and health rules mirror federal rules.

Federal OSHA has developed voluntary ergonomics guidelines for nursing homes, retail grocery stores, and poultry processing and is in the process of issuing guidelines for several other industries.

In 2002, OSHA developed a comprehensive plan designed to reduce ergonomic injuries through a combination of industry-targeted guidelines, enforcement measures, workplace outreach, advanced research, and dedicated efforts to protect Hispanic and other immigrant workers. OSHA has also appointed ergonomics coordinators in each of the 10 OSHA regions to assist compliance officers in conducting inspections and documenting hazards associated with musculoskeletal disorders.

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